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Native Observability for Salesforce

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Learn how Pharos accelerates Salesforce troubleshooting, prevents business interruptions, and improves user satisfaction.

Gain Unprecedented Clarity and Control

Whether you’re a large enterprise grappling with a complex environment or a small nonprofit with limited staff, Pharos is the missing piece your Salesforce environment needs to run predictably and issue-free.

Pharos is the only app that uses time-tested observability principles to identify, trace, monitor, and analyze every error across your entire Salesforce stack, then alerts you about those issues that are most important to you.

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Customers Trust Pharos

Decode the mystery of apex errors

“The ability to quickly troubleshoot and visualize problems makes a world of difference.”

Nicholas Bianchi
Double Star Ranger

Phenomenal tool for all of our Salesforce clients

“Pharos has reduced our investigation times significantly, letting us provide better service to our clients and saving them money as well. I totally recommend installing this in your org.”

Matt Kaufman
All-Star Ranger and author of Salesforce for Dummies

A smart, intuitive time-saver for managing errors

“Pharos has raised the bar for error management. With their smart use of the issues object, which groups similar errors together, and with their AI to pinpoint problems and make suggestions, we have greatly improved our error management capabilities. We have been able to get to the bottom of some annoying data integrity issues, identify and remove tech-debt, and clean-up process builders and flows.”

Teri Walker
Double Star Ranger

Excellent for increasing org visibility

“An invaluable resource…Allows us to efficiently troubleshoot bugs within our code…The trace diagrams within the logs are super useful. Pharos support has also been extremely responsible.”

Katie Silorio

Your last stop on the path to a healthier org

“Pharos has helped make the impossible task of identifying, logging and troubleshooting complex issues very much possible…The perfect fit for any org, large or small.”

David Sokoloff

OMG this app saved my behind

“We've worked with a few different consultants in the past to setup our Salesforce and when we recently started getting errors they all pointed fingers at each other! I didn't even know where to look, but this app showed me right were the error was happening. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!”

Nina Wilson

DevOps at its Best!

“Having worked directly with the Pharos team for a while now, I can only say remarkable things about their team and their product. If you work for an org where processes are business critical (and yes, I mean every org), then do yourself a favor and get Pharos and save your team so much time...It also has one of the better UI's I have seen...Wonderful job supporting us and your customers, Pharos!”

Kyle Hagan

Very handy for Ops/POs

“Very handy as it provides direct Slack notifications about any failures, so great for collaboration to jump on problems very fast. UI is great...easily understandable details where the problem originated, etc. Got in touch with their support several times and all issues and new features have been picked quickly. Great job, keep on rolling !”

Jakub Slama

My eyes are open

“My team and I now can get in front of issues…Like having x-ray vision in the Salesforce development world…Pharos makes my team and I look really good.”

Steve Soto
Fanduel ;ogo Generate Capital ;ogo Combined Arms ;ogo Camunda ;ogo Adaptive Biotechnologies ;ogo Washington University Olin Business School Logo Rho ;ogo
Fanduel ;ogo Generate Capital ;ogo Combined Arms ;ogo Camunda ;ogo Adaptive Biotechnologies ;ogo Washington University Olin Business School Logo Rho ;ogo

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