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Identify exactly where your errors are occurring. Prioritize issues based on business impact. Resolve errors in minutes instead of days. And that’s just the start.

What does Pharos do?

Now there’s no need to troubleshoot Salesforce by wading through error emails or relying on third-party logging tools.

Pharos continuously gathers all the tough-to-manage error data that Salesforce generates on its back end. This includes the cryptic data contained in the deluge of error-handling emails triggered each day.

Pharos then analyzes and consolidates that data, giving you actionable insights so you can proactively stay in front of problems. And when an important error does occur, you’ll be alerted immediately.

Pharos shows you precisely where a problem exists – down to the broken line of code or fail point in a flow. No need to spend hours or days researching an error. You’ll know in seconds.

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With native integration and potent observability features, Pharos is engineered to be the most powerful troubleshooting platform in the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Native integration with Salesforce provides real-time error tracking and alert notifications
  • User-friendly dashboards highlight trending issues and offer actionable insights, helping you stay ahead of problems
  • Pharos captures and distills all error data, so you can get a high-level view of recurring issues and prioritize them by business impact
  • Your data is safe: as a native app, Pharos inherits the robust security and data protection features of your Salesforce platform
  • Pharos preserves historical data on issues and their resolutions so that knowledge is always accessible, even when staff changes

Salesforce and AI: Trust But Verify

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Observability: Broader Vision, Deeper Insights

Pharos was built on the pillars of observability, the time-tested methodology engineers have relied on for more than 60 years. Its multi-dimensional view into the internal state of your org keeps you on top of Salesforce issues before they escalate into business issues.

Classic observability relies on three key pillars to gain insights: Log Files, Metrics and Traces. Pharos has enriched these capabilities by adding Alerts and Visualizations as two new pillars, giving support staff an unprecedented 360° view into the black box of Salesforce workings.Flow chart showing tracking, awareness, action, and resolution

Blindsided: the direct and hidden costs of Salesforce errors

What’s your approach to Salesforce error handling? Some companies rely on error emails. Some on open-source logging tools. Some roll their own solution, and others just wait to hear from squeaky-wheels. But each of these methods has its shortcomings that put operations at risk.

Let’s face it. Adopting the Salesforce platform is a big investment, and your company is relying on it to drive an important part of the business. So when things go awry, there can be unexpected consequences.

Explore real-world cases where Salesforce errors took companies by surprise, and discover strategies you can use to safeguard your organization against unforeseen challenges.

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